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Park Slope, Brooklyn.


Introducing Timber House, New York’s very first timber condominium building. It mingles high-tech concepts with natural materials you can see and touch, reinventing what it means to live well and live green. Themes of pattern and connection are beautifully realized by a team of visionaries and creative thinkers who utilize age-old building methods to create a solid foundation for the future. With its modern yet profound sensibility, Timber House plants the seeds for responsible living .

Timber House is the first mass timber condominium in New York. Its structure, including columns, beams, and floorplates, is made from glue-laminated timber. This building material has been beloved for decades, but recent computer controlled fabrication processes have made large-scale timber buildings feasible. 

Standard dimensional (softwood) lumber is laminated to make large building components, which are pre-cut and assembled on site, much like a large scale piece of Ikea furniture. Building in mass timber offers several advantages over typical steel and concrete — as a beautiful, clean, and more environmentally sustainable alternative.

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Timber House’s generously sized residences feel like modern-day treehouses. Natural light floods in through expansive glass windows, illuminating the beauty of 11-foot wood-beamed ceilings that are reminiscent of historic Brooklyn. Scandinavian kitchens are airy and bright, with patterns and materials artfully designed for the building. Fresh air is continually replenished, and half of the units enjoy private outdoor space.

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Features of the building:

Other sustainable features: (Convert into expanding items)

    • Solar photovoltaic panels on the roof
    • Electric charging stations at each parking spot
    • Heating and air conditioning is provided by air-source heat pumps.
    • generous mineral wool and polyisocyanurate insulation
    • air sealing with Intello+ smart air barrier and Tescon Vana tape
    • European triple-glazed, passive-house-quality windows by Yaro
    • energy-recovering ventilation by Zehnder (so even when windows are closed there is a constant supply of fresh air).

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About the design and development team:

Architect: MESH Architectures has been known for innovative projects in the physical and digital realm since 1997. They combine a thoughtful approach to modern living with material innovation and focus on sustainable strategies.


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