Naturally innovative.
Park Slope, Brooklyn.

670 Union St

Brooklyn, NY





Naturally innovative.
Park Slope, Brooklyn.

670 Union St, Brooklyn, NY


Sustainable. Sensible. Tactile.

Introducing Timber House, New York’s very first timber condominium building. It mingles high-tech concepts with natural materials you can see and touch, reinventing what it means to live well and live green. Themes of pattern and connection are beautifully realized by a team of visionaries and creative thinkers who utilize age-old building methods to create a solid foundation for the future. With its modern yet profound sensibility, Timber House plants the seeds for responsible living.


Reframing the Way We Live

Timber House’s generously sized residences feel like modern-day treehouses. Natural light floods in through expansive glass windows, illuminating the beauty of 11-foot wood-beamed ceilings . Scandinavian kitchens are airy and bright, with patterns and materials artfully designed for the building. Fresh air is continually replenished, and half of the units enjoy private outdoor space.


Full Circle Living

Living well today means thinking about the bigger world outside our doors. Timber House was designed with an eye on the future, rooted in sustainable materials and building practices. Its wood construction requires less embodied energy than concrete and steel, Passive House-quality windows and solar panels allow for efficient heating and cooling, and energy-recovering ventilation ensures a constant supply of fresh air. There are also car charging stations in the garage, zero fossil fuel (gas) consumption, mineral wool insulation, and so much more. While other buildings claim to be green, Timber House is a sustainable vision, fully realized.


Elegantly Integrated

Located on a central Park Slope block, Timber House takes its cues from its historic neighborhood. Amenities work contextually with the area’s history and speak to the way people live now. Danish bricks echo the early facade’s of Brooklyn brownstones, balconies are staggered, and the private roofdeck enjoys open, breathtaking views of Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan beyond. Dedicated parking and electric charging stations make it easy to dash off for the day or weekend.


The Union of Ideas & Experiences

Naturally, a building as future-reaching as Timber House is situated in the heart of Park Slope, long a focal point for progressive ideas. Located just a half-block from the Union Street subway, the building is surrounded by established retailers and smaller “mom and pop” businesses, three blocks from Prospect Park and Grand Army Plaza, and minutes from the cultural and recreational gems of innovative Gowanus. It’s a location that offers endless opportunities to connect, learn, and engage, all in an established, intellectually exciting area.

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The Team


Co-Developer: MESH Architectures

Mesh Architectures are the architects and the co-developer of Timber House. This is MESH’s second integrated design/develop project in collaboration with The Brooklyn Home Company. MESH has been innovating since 1997 by combining expertise in building technology, digital information technology, and experiential design to create high-performing, beautiful, and functional places. Their thoughtful perspective on modern living, material innovation, and sustainable strategies has driven the creating of Timber House.


Co-Developer: The Brooklyn Home Company

TBHCo is proud to co-develop NYC’s first timber condominium offering, Timber House. TBHCo’s passion for sustainable, passive house-principled design perfectly aligned with MESH Architectures’ concept for this project. Serving as a development partner and investor, TBHCo is proud to present these innovative, thoughtfully-designed homes to Brooklyn.


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